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The Fitting Service

Was born out of the need for a specialist in the field of Window Furnishing installation to provide a complete measure, design, consultation and Fitting Service that is second to none & services all products with expertise. We measure & install everything from Blinds, Curtains, Shutters & Awnings and are experts in motorization

Our measure, order and fitting service can be used as just that or we can package up product for you with our services, work with your current suppliers or link you with our vast supplier list. The options are endless and yet still all in your control.

With our industry wide product knowledge, trade certified craftsmen we aim to forge long term mutual relationships & partner with industry businesses wanting that edge. We are not interested in becoming a market competitor to your business, put simply our skill and business direction is designed to support the back end of the industry as a Fitting Service 1st & foremost and to help take your clients expectations to a level that elevates your business

The Fitting Service name came about not only to define what we do but to enforce to our clientele we remain a “grey” business. When we make contact with your clients “The” is dropped & we become “Your….” Fitting Service

From start to finish, The Fitting Service undertake 100% liability for the product in which we measure & install. Our installation department will arrange all appointments with your client, inform you of the progress of meeting schedules by project managing the job from measure to installation. This is our assurance in offering a truly professional, licensed & warrantable Fitting Service.

We have built many relationships with some of Australia’s premium wholesalers who manufacturer locally & internationally. Having worked closely with these manufacturers over the years, we have helped to develop, test & tweak new products within the market today and we are lucky enough to work with some of the most forefront Interior Designers, Retailers, Builders & Architects in some of the most stunning homes and commercial spaces in Sydney & beyond

We constantly strive to improve our processes and are always willing to listen and work with our clients to suit their needs. After all we have to pass the toughest test of all…..Yours!

Passion for Design

Having a strong passion for design & construction being a former Cabinetmaker this change of field into the Window Furnishings industry for me came around in 2003 somewhat by accident. I was told I was mad & that a career wouldn’t last…. time I guess in this instance has been on my side and my passion in design & construction hasn’t waivered rather it has now gained a love of how textile & timber integrate

For me design of each job is key to how it is installed. Following the existing architecture is important & placement of new lines needs to be sympathetic to the building just as much as bringing to life a curved track or a shaped window with multiple angles with or without the aid of motorisation. Softening an architectural element or enhancing it with a curved or raked shutter is a passion of mine as is pushing the boundaries of manufacture with our suppliers. Yet I take most pride in educating my team in design & seeing their enthusiasm grow to better understand form & function and relate this to back to each client and project gives me great satisfaction.

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As a contract installation service we pride ourselves on our Professional approach towards a perfect fit, form and function of all window